POMICELL makes computational tools and data usable for biotech companies and their R&D processes.   

POMICELL’s unique approach offers an unprecedented combination of technology, methodology, metadata, and expertise. With access to large-scale external databases, we augment the data millions-fold, automate and tailor adjust the platform to specific R&D needs, and answer the most painful questions biotech and pharma companies ask.

MOA (mechanism of action) related questions:

  • What is the drug's MOA? What does it do? How does it work? What are the alternative indications?
    - Used mostly for regulation and prediction purposes, as well as for new/alternative therapeutic indications.


Clinical studies related questions:

  • Who will the drug affect (i.e. responders vs. non-responders)?  Why does it or doesn’t it affect certain populations? What end points should be selected?
    - Helps predict, understand, and define the inclusion and exclusion criteria for clinical trials and drug labeling,
       before or after conducting a clinical trial.

- Better understanding of a trial's outcome, explanation of failed trials and suggestions for re-planning.​

Drug repurposing related questions:

  • Which therapeutic indication to choose? Find alternative indications for a known or a new drug? Prediction of POS (probability of success). 
    -  Identification of new drug indications, drug repurposing / re-positioning.


POMICELL translates the augmented information into personally customized and operative knowledge. Using its spearhead technology and methodologies, Pomicell's partners will uncover hidden data relationships, unlock obscured patterns, shed light on unexplained clinical trial results, and save serious amounts of time and money.



Personally Optimized Medical Intelligence

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