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Our AI-based platform combines IT, Omics and Biology which analyzes huge amounts of data to significantly improve the success rates of clinical trials. 

Using proprietary personalized skin computational models, POMICELL can define the clinical development candidates with the greatest chances to win and shorten successful time to market.




Only 9.6% of clinical trials, on average, reach marketization resulting in immense losses in time, effort and money. Identifying the right molecule or target for clinical development is perhaps the most crucial step and must be explored carefully based on preclinical studies and compelled scientific data.

Every minute, 2 new scientific papers are published currently totaling more than 80 million articles. Many databases containing omics-related data have been created. Nevertheless, researchers are overwhelmed with this amount of information, making it impossible to effectively analyze and make wise decisions.




POMIDERM answers a research question by automatically analyzing pre-clinical data, including millions of scientific manuscripts, databases, in vitro/vivo assays, and omics related data.

POMIDERM addresses crucial research decisions such as Mode of Action deciphering (MoA), drug repurposing, and new target identification for specific dermatologic indications.

How does it work?

Accurate, cost-effective and fast in-silico model to accelerate drug discovery

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