POMICELL can optimize clinical trials outcome by running virtual trials on computational and personalized tissue models of patients.


POMICELL uniqueness is the ability to create Big Data drug-disease models automatically and tailor it to every patient.


R&D success rates are extremely low with only 9.6% chance of clinical trials novel treatments to reach marketization.


With $37M on average per clinical trial and $48k on average per patient - this failure rate results in a productivity gap for research in pharma.



There are 4 major difficulties in creating a solid patient-specific outcome prediction:

  • The patient’s medical data is insufficient

  • Scientific literature data is not always relevant and reliable enough to use. 

  • Adjusting Big Data from scientific literature to each patient takes time, money, and expertise and therefore is not scalable

  • AI prediction models that are ‘black box’ do not provide intuitive explanations and will not be implemented by researchers, doctors, and regulators.


Pomicell is able to take small amounts of medical data of each patient, and enrich it with Big Data by using our unique AI capabilities, in order to create a personalized tissue model per patient. These personalized models, creating virtual OMICs libraries per patient and enabling full-scale clinical simulations of treatment outcome.

“POMICELL used its big data analysis and machine learning platform to add more insight beyond the offerings of traditional biostatistics. Based on POMICELL’s assessment and recommendation, Oramed altered its CRF in an upcoming clinical trial.”

Dr. Miriam Kidron

Chief Scientific Officer | Oramed

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"POMICELL platform produced an amazing insight in deciphering the NAM pathway. It would have taken us 10 times more to reach these challenging understandings without POMICELL advanced system"

Dima Yackoubov

Research Associate | Gamida-Cell