POMICELL aspires to become the lead provider of transformative solutions accelerating pharmaceutical R&D processes.


POMICELL addresses some of the greatest unmet needs of the biotech industry; answering the BIG questions biotech companies ask, and making the continuously growing data usable for drug discovery and development processes.

A single researcher or even a group of researchers can read and review less than a fraction compared to the throughput when combining a human-assisted computational approach. Still, quantity is only part of the problem. Fantastic amounts of research-specific information are indeed available, but the researchers and biotech companies are busy with their research and lack the resources required to gather, adjust, validate, and analyze it.

making big data usable for biotech companies

Founded in 2016, POMICELL built a groundbreaking, AI-powered machine learning platform. Taking the human-in-the-loop approach farther, we engage our partners in the process, optimize and personalize the range of analytical tools, and finally make the metadata usable. Using our state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms, methodologies, and data biotech companies can reduce, by up to 80%, the time and human resources traditionally required for their R&D.

Saving millions’ dollars, POMICELL’s automatic and adaptive system helps its partners expedite their decision-making, implement best practices, answer questions, and achieve much faster breakthroughs in their clinical trials and drug discovery and development.

“POMICELL used its big data analysis and machine learning platform to add more insight beyond the offerings of traditional biostatistics. Based on POMICELL’s assessment and recommendation, Oramed altered its CRF in an upcoming clinical trial.”

Dr. Miriam Kidron,

Chief Scientific Officer, Oramed

“POMICELL’s system and algorithm introduced new and interesting insight in different Cannabis and Cannabinoid-related research fields, including the discovery of a novel pathway related to the activation of a Cannabinoid receptor.”


Dr. Orna Dreazen,

Chairperson of the Board of Directors, 

Nextar chempharma solutions Ltd.


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